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 Idaho  QSO  Party




Idaho W1AW op - 2014





Idaho Section Positions and Appointments
For complete contact information about these individuals, click here

Ed Stuckey AI7H Post Falls Section Manager
Don Clower KA7T Meridian Assistant SM
Don Clower KA7T Meridian State Government Liaison
John Wilson KØIP Pocatello Web Page
Charles Neher K7OVG Meridian Official Observer Coordinator
Terry O'Keefe WB6N Donnelly Section Traffic Manager
Cathryn "Cat" Curtis NZ7J Caldwell Affiliated Club Coordinator
Marty Edwards AK7ME Rigby Section Emergency Coordinator


Idaho ARES HF Emergency Frequencies
MONITOR these frequencies in times of emergency,
LISTEN for instructions from the NET CONTROL station.


Day Frequency

Night Frequency


7229 Khz LSB

3929 Khz LSB


3578.5 Khz USB

3578.5 Khz USB


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Hello Idaho Ham's...  Every year the Idaho QSO party gets bigger, every year more and  more of you help make it successful.
This year, due to the ARRL's GRID CHASE contest, the IDQP should go stratospheric.  Idaho is RARE, that makes our Grids RARE,
There are thousands of Ham's out there looking for grids. We have the opportunity to activate some good ones.  You Rovers should be a real commodity!! 
You guys that live in scarcely populated grids will generate pileups. In fact if you live in Idaho you will generate pileups. so be cool and collected..    
Every Idaho Ham is invited to enter the IDQP,   if you make a thousand contacts or just one you're helping make it a success.
Due to the GRID CHASE,  the character of our contest might change a bit. Our rules stay the same
  One Note:  be aware, you need to be a LoTW user, to reap the benefits of the grid chasers .. 
  SO, sign up to day !  Signing up isn't instantaneous, it takes several weeks,  so start now ..
  You don't need to be a  ARRL member to use their LoTW system.  
heres a link

Click the qraphic for more info about the IDQP

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                                        TURN YOUR RADIO ON 








Idaho Section Message
Greetings to Current and Future Amateur Radio Operators!  Thank you for visiting our ARRL web page, which is devoted to ALL  Amateur Radio activities in the state of Idaho.

New Hams, Comments, Complaints, Questions
Meanwhile, if you are interested in Amateur Radio and need information about how
to get your license, where to take the test, etc, please check the buttons at the top of this page,
However if you don't find the information you are looking for feel free to contact me at
Ditto if you are already licensed and want to join the ARRL. (or see button below)  Ditto again, if you have a complaint, comment, or question about Amateur Radio.  Please send it in and we’ll see what we can do.

Future Events
We would like you to be aware of several Amateur Radio events for the reminder of this year
(see the Idaho Hamfests & Conventions button).  The HamFest page is only as good as you
make it, chances are your event won't be published unless you or the organizers tell us. Hamfests are a great place to find bargains and win fabulous prizes & mingle with fellow Hams!  
Note: Tell our webmaster about  your clubs event.  send to k0ip((at)) 

This is the Idaho ARRL web page, HOWEVER, it's really about every aspect of Ham Radio in Idaho. We would like to list ALL  amateur related activities, including testing schedules, clubs and their meeting dates and your clubs activities. Please if you find any errors on this web,  send corrections to the webmaster or to me the SM.  Our goal is to promote Amateur Radio in the State of Idaho..

Thanks and 73,
Ed, AI7H










how about a little Ham Humor 

Famous CW vs. Text Messaging,  by clicking this link you will download a file, save it , remember where you saved it (what folder),  left click it , rename it to lenocw.wmv.
double click it, it will run , and its on your computer, yours forever..
 Dilbert        What makes a Ham  !                 You Tube  

This web is hosted free by RISE,  promoting
Amateur Radio in  Idaho.  If you are looking for a  ISP, check their web by clicking on this logo.





Safety is No Accident
think before you act !
Tower work can be a killer !

   Be Careful, we want you alive !

Here are some facts about
FIRE that
may surprise you  !

make sure you have operating smoke detectors,
preferably more than one, on each floor of your home
if you have a
gas furnace , hot water heater, fireplace insert,
anything that uses combustion
you need a CO detector .
                            ***  These devices  SAVE LIVES ! ***                           make sure you have then and they are operating properly       ===========             If not for you , your kids or grandkids                                                              




Idaho ARRL Section Webpage.
Do you have corrections, additions, Ideas,  send info to the Section Manager and/or the k0ip((at))
Thanks for visiting the Idaho ARRL page.  Happy Hamming and Good DX !