This page is a work in progress, There is absolutely No way to confirm
these VHF nets, so if you know there is an error, we need to know
send us an email, with details                                                      HF NETS

VHF NETS .. check for repeater settings, PL , etc on the repeater page.


Coeur d'Alene
KARS Club Net (Kootenai Amateur Radio Society)
Daily at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time
on these Linked repeaters:
146.980, - offset, 127.3 tone (Mica Peak, ID)
443.975, + offset, 136.5 tone (Canfield Mtn, ID) 


Bear River Amateur Radio Club net every Sunday night at 8:30 P.M.
PL 88.5
"P" Hill

South Central , Ketchum

Monday nights 7pm local
Bald Mtn Repeater Output 147.80, tone 100
Bald Mtn Repeater Input 147.78
Bald Mtn (Ketchum) and Galena Summit are linked 
Galena Repeater Output 147.140
Galena Repeater Input 147.740 tone 100


Idaho Falls / Eastern Idaho  --
Madison, Teton, Fremont, Bonneville and Jefferson counties.
North/East ARES/Races Net every Thursday Night at 9:00 P.M. local
146.94mHz 100Hz Relay Ridge

Boise Cascade - McCall
Southwest Idaho ARES net Every Monday at 8:30 P.M.

146.94 MHz

100.0 Hz

Shafer Butte

443.300 MHz

110.9 Hz

Snowbank Mountain

147.020 MHz

100.0 Hz

No Business Mountain

PARC Sunday evening 8:00 p.m.

147.06 mHz 100Hz Scout Mountain

PV ARES --  ARES net  Sunday evening 8:30 p.m. local

146.82 mHz 100Hz  

SPARC net only 1st Wednesday of month evening 8:00 p.m.

146.80 mHz 88.5hz Sedgwick

Twin Falls
Tuesday evening  7:00 P.M.
146.76 mHz no pl Hansen Butte

Boundary County

Nets Schedule (Nets are Pacific Time and meet on the 146.960 repeater except where noted)
- Sunday 
  06:30 PM Weather Amateur Radio Net (WARN)
  08:00 PM LDS ERC Net
- Monday 
  07:00 PM BARC net
  07:30 PM WARN (Follows shortly after BARC net)
  08:30 PM BARC 10 Meter net 28.390 
- Tuesday through Saturday 

Idaho ARES Statewide HF Voice Net
 Every Thursday evening in idaho  at 0230 Zulu

 Frequency:  3929 KHz LSB  +/- QRM

 1st Thursday of the month - the HF net is conducted from station WC7ID / Idaho State Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) at the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security in Boise, Idaho.

Idaho ARES Statewide HF Digital Net
Every Tuesday evening in idaho,  at 0200 Zulu
PSK31: 3578.50  @ approximately 500 on the waterfall
RMS Express in Peer-to-Peer mode: 3580.00 Center Freq
PSK31 is used for initial check-in, then by direction of net control, move to RMS Express and send net control a message in Peer-to-Peer mode.
We have instructional documentation to provide to you for setting up RMS Express if requested.

Any questions, please send email to: for Voice net or for Digital Net.


HF Nets of interest to Idaho              
Idaho CD Net          3990               M-F              1500
WSN                       3563/7058       Dy                1530
DRN7/c1                 7238/3885       Dy                1745
DPAN/c1                14345/7295     Dy                 1830
DPAN/c                   21345/7295    Dy                 2230
DRN7/c2                 7238/3885       Dy                 2315
MTN                       3910                Dy                 0030
WARTS                  3975                DY                0100
FARM                     3937                Dy                 0200
OSN                        3587                Dy                 0230
WSN                       3563                Dy                 0245
BCEN                     3652                Dy                 0300
IMN                        3572               Dy                 0300
RN7/c4                   3560                Dy                  0330
PAN/c4                  3552/7052        Dy                 0430
RN7/c4                   3560                Dy                  0530
WSN                      3563                Dy                  0545
OSN                       3587                Dy                  0600

Burley , Mt Harrison
Monday at 8:00 P.M. Local
147.00  mHz 100hz Harrison

Sandpoint area
BCARC (Bonner County Amateur Radio Club) Net weekly Tuesday 7:00 pm local
except 2nd Tuesday (club meeting) on 146.780 no tone on Gold Hill near Sagle and
other linked repeaters giving multiple county coverage area.  More info at

Bonner Co. ARES/RACES Net weekly Tuesday 7:30 pm local on 145.230 100.0hz
tone and 444.075 100.0hz tone both on Schweitzer Mtn. near Sandpoint (wide coverage
area).  More info at

VOI Thursday evening 8:00 p.m.

147.240 mHz

443.600 mHz

Cinnabar Mountain

146.840 mHz

444.900 mHz

Shafer Butte

146.62 mHz


Snowbank Mountain