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All Idaho Ham Radio ZOOM Meetings  

View December ID ALL Hams Zoom Meeting:  CLICK HERE
Documents: CLICK HERE

ARRL updates by Mike Ritz, W7VO, ARRL NW Division Director
     With all that is currently happening at the league and the questions we've been getting, I have    asked Mike to bring us all up to speed with a presentation.

ARRL Idaho updates by Don Lynn, ND7L, Idaho ASM
     > USFS Farm Bill
     > ARRL Club News Letter
     > HR 4006 is now HR9670 (HOA - Personal Use Land Restrictions)
     > Other ARRL updates

Idaho ARRL Website: By Kelly Klaas, K7SU, Idaho ASM

Idaho ARES update: Don Gardner, W7PJ, Idaho SEC
     Presentation: Winlink Email to text messaging
     ARES Winlink Wednesday:  CLICK HERE

Idaho Clubs: Rich Casper, WB7ML Idaho ARRL ACC
     Qualifying clubs to be receiving ARRL Handbooks

     ARC Spotlight: There will be no ARC Spotlight this month.

Idaho Hams Newsletter: Polly Smith, KG7DPO - Idaho PIO
Send your club and ham news to: ALLIDAHOHAMS@gmail.com